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Contract Health Check

Why do you need T&Cs and Website Policies?


All businesses should ensure that they have a core set of documents for everyday use. If you are trading without suitable T&Cs then you are unnecessarily exposing your business to risk.


Whilst it may be tempting to obtain a free template document online, we have seen a large number of client contracts governed by foreign laws and which are generally unfit for purpose.  Not only does this look unprofessional to clients, but you don’t want to be defending a claim half way around the world unexpectedly.


Whether you are: a start-up company; considering selling your business and need to update your contract portfolio; or if you just want to ensure that you have all of the contractual documents required for your business, the Contract Health Check service will ensure that you have your core contractual documents in order.


Package Contents


The Contract Health Check package will ensure that you have in place: Terms & Conditions of Business; a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement; Website Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy and a Cookie Policy. In addition, we can add extra contracts as required e.g. Shareholders Agreements and Contractor Agreements.


If you already have some or all of these documents in place, we can review and update them to ensure that they effectively reflect the nature of your business, are compliant with current laws and adequately protect your business. We can either do this by providing you with a new set of agreements or conducting a full review and refresh of your current documents.


We appreciate that start-up companies do not have large budgets for legal fees and therefore we offer a tiered pricing structure so that start-up companies can receive our Contract Health Check service for half the price of established companies.