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Commercial Retainers

Why use a Commercial Retainer?


We believe that working closely with clients is the best way to achieve results: Our non-contentious Commercial and Contract Law Retainers enable us to integrate with your business and develop a full understanding of the commercial considerations when providing our legal input.


Not only does this provide a massive time (and fee) saving when conducting negotiations, it also means that you have legal resource at your fingertips when it is needed.


From the commencement of the engagement, we ensure that your contracts are up to scratch by implementing our full Contract Health Check Service.


We have several retainer option to suit your requirements:


Solicitors On Site


We provide a dedicated Legal Advisor to work from your offices (or remotely) on a fixed day or days to deal with all of your contract requirements from within your business. We typically provide the Solicitors On Site Retainer for our international clients who enter into a large number of contracts or who regularly have push-back on their T&Cs.


Accelerator Retainer


This retainer is aimed at helping your business grow. Everything we do from the outset is with a potential sale in mind. From a due-diligence perspective, we make sure your ‘house is in order’ by making sure that contracts are robust and stored in a manner which will simplify the discovery stage of the acquisition. This low-cost monthly Retainer is ideal for Tech Start-Ups.


General Retainer


This is our most popular Retainer and Service that we offer. We provide our services remotely for a fixed number of hours per month (i.e. 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours etc) and any unused time can be rolled forward for future months. This service is excellent for clients that have peak times when they require assistance reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts, but they do not require someone on-site on a regular basis. This provides clients with both flexibility as well as the certainty that they have the resources available to deal with their contractual needs. The General Retainer Service is perfect for SMEs.