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Brand Protection

TM Registration


Cracknell Law’s Trade Mark registration service provides a cost-effective means for businesses to register trade marks in the UK.


We will conduct background searches for the mark you wish to register and advise on the chances of success. We will then manage the registration process from filing through to the trade mark being awarded.



IP Advice


Your business may have a significant amount of intellectual property rights, some of which you may not even know about. We can provide you with advice regarding the best way to protect these assets through copyright, trade marks and design rights and can help to facilitate such protection.


We can also provide you with contractual documentation such as licence, assignment and commission agreements. Such agreements will ensure that you retain control over your brands and intellectual property rights and/or provide you with clarity regarding how you can use third party rights.


We will provide you with a free initial discussion and any further costs will be dependent on the form of advice and actions required.