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What Makes Us Different?

We are proud not to be a ‘Leading Law Firm’


If you look at any Law Firm website, you will find that most describe themselves as a ‘Leading Law Firm’.


Consequently, this has become an almost meaningless term and in our view, they are leading the pack in the wrong direction.


Cracknell Law prides itself on being different and the following demonstrate just some of the changes that we have implemented which differentiate ourselves from traditional solicitor practices:


Specialists, not Generalists


We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. We are experts in Commercial Law and we don’t dabble in other areas. We also understand that selecting a solicitor is not only based on an individual’s expertise, but also whether they are accessible, friendly, reactive and most importantly; understandable.


The trend in the legal market is a rise in niche practices – long gone are the days where you use one firm for all of your needs and end up using a number of lawyers whom you have not previously dealt with. We aim to become your trusted advisors for everything related to Commercial Law, but we can recommend other specialist lawyers for other areas of law.


Real Innovation


We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide better solutions and Services for clients. Whether that be through setting up bespoke Contract Management Systems or creating comic book-style ‘Visual T&Cs’ to align with a business’ marketing messages, we are proactive in everything that we do.


No ‘Clock Watching’


One of the main reasons people try to avoid using lawyers is the fees involved. Even the pre-meeting chit-chat will eventually be timed and billed. To avoid this problem, wherever possible we set a fixed proportionate fee to the Services involved. This fee applies until you are happy with the documents provided, giving you certainty.


Retainer Services


Our primary services are built around a retainer model which means that we are fully integrated with your business. Not only that, our Solicitors On Site Service, DPO Service and Company Secretarial Service means that we work on-site with you and attend Management Meetings. Our Retainer Services mean that we are vested in helping your business for the long-term and we aim to enable you to grow in a legally compliant and risk-free manner.