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About Us

About Cracknell Law


Cracknell Law was established in 2015 with a desire to create a more affordable means for businesses to obtain Commercial and Contract Law advice and assistance. We are a niche Commercial Contract advisory company specialising in: drafting, reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts for our clients’ business relationships; creating terms for their online presence; licensing intellectual property rights and software; and providing advice on data protection, outsourcing and brand protection.


We consider that the best way to deliver legal advice is to work within a business to understand exactly how it works, to gain relationships with a wide range of employees and to familiarise ourselves with recurring contractual issues. This allows us to provide informed advice in a fast and practical manner.


We only work on a fixed fee basis, ensuring that our clients have certainty of costs; and we have a hands-on, proactive approach so that Cracknell Law becomes an extension of our clients’ businesses.


We have significant experience in assisting with low value contracts to multi-million pound international agreements and have a range of services to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of the size of their business.

Our services are ideal for:

Start-Up Businesses seeking guidance on terms and conditions and contracts and wanting to grow their business. We can help increase your bargaining strength in contract negotiations and we will ensure that you have the core contractual documentation in place so that your commercial transactions are not delayed by having to create documents from scratch. This will also avoid you having to use the other side’s agreements, which will generally be in their favour;


Established Companies that want to reduce the time and hassle of dealing with Commercial Contracts. We can deal with all your contractual requirements and will ensure that your terms and conditions are up to date and used as effectively as possible. We will also provide specialist contract advice, support and assistance in your commercial transactions;


Global Businesses that require assistance with negotiating and concluding contracts on a global scale. We are expert negotiators and can help ensure that you get the best terms out of any commercial deal; and


In-House Legal Teams that wish to increase their team’s capacity or that need to cover an employee’s maternity leave or sick leave. Our services ensure that you have the flexibility and support required at peak times for the business. We can manage the Commercial and Contract Law elements of the business to give your team the time required to focus on policy and other areas of law.

Our Rates


Our rates are pre-defined and fixed to ensure that your legal fees do not spiral out of proportion to the nature of the work or the value of the proposed contract.


We can offer long-term, fixed fee arrangements to give our clients true value for their money and the nature of our business model means that our prices are significantly less than traditional law firms.


Please note that our rates are subject to change from time to time.